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Xizhilang jelly price

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390000 judgment was handed down to the Fugou court of Zhoukou City, Henan Province to try the case of Xizhilang good time seaweed desiccant to child blindness
Chapter II Rights of consumers
Article 7 [right to security]
consumers have the right to protect their personal and property safety when purchasing and using goods and receiving services. The commodities purchased and services received by consumers shall not endanger the safety of life and property
consumers have the right to require the goods and services provided by operators to meet the requirements of ensuring personal and property safety
Article 24 also points out that “business operators shall not make unfair and unreasonable provisions on consumers by means of standard contracts, notices, statements, store notices, etc., or mitigate or exempt them from civil liability for harming the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. # prompt notice does not mean exemption. # Article 53 of the contract law has clearly stipulated: The following exemption clauses in the contract are invalid: (1) causing personal injury to the other party; (2) Causing property loss to the other party due to accident or gross negligence
Article 26 producers shall be responsible for the quality of their products
the product quality shall meet the following requirements:
(1) there is no unreasonable danger endangering personal and property safety. If there are national and industrial standards to ensure human health and personal and property safety, such standards shall be met
(V) products that are easy to cause damage to the product itself or may endanger personal and property safety due to improper use shall have warning signs or warning instructions in Chinese

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