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Why does this phenomenon occur when the prices of cultural paper and packaging paper rise together?

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paper is a very important necessity in people’s daily life. But usually cheap toilet paper, now also face price increases. This makes many people feel very worried. Why should such ordinary things face price increases on weekdays? Moreover, the rise in the price of paper has also raised many prices. Because now all places need paper, such as the packaging of goods or daily paper

Why hasn’t the price of paper risen in some areas

According to the reporter’s interview, because of some large daily necessities supermarkets, they would hoard some paper in the early stage. Therefore, even if the price of paper mills rises, they will not raise the price of paper for the time being. In addition, the paper of small commodity supermarkets in more places is still much longer than before. This makes the shopkeepers helpless, because the price difference they earned before is not much. Now the import price of paper has also risen, so the price they sell will rise accordingly. The price of paper and household paper supplied to the printing shop will continue to rise in the future


Why does the price of paper rise

Some netizens think that if only the price of paper increases this time, these paper mills will certainly earn a lot of benefits, but what’s different from what netizens think is that major paper mills have shut down one after another. For example, Sun Group announced in April that it would optimize the paper machine. In addition, paper mills in Shandong have also issued a notice that they plan to repair the paper machine in May. Successive major paper mills will also stop production, and it is because of this situation that the price of paper will rise. China is also a country with a large demand for paper. If these factories are shut down for maintenance, it will have a great impact on people’s daily life

How to solve this problem from the root

Paper is mainly made of pulp, but most of China’s pulp is imported. And since 2003, China’s pulp import has been increasing year by year. While the demand is rising, its price is also rising year by year, which leads to the current paper price is also rising

the prices of cultural paper and packaging paper have increased simultaneously. This phenomenon is because more and more enterprises advocate environmental protection, everyone recommends recycling and reduce deforestation.

it’s mainly because of environmental problems. The environment is too bad, so these paper items are very expensive. I hope they can be recycled.

this is because the number of trees is still relatively small, and the awareness of protecting the environment is relatively strong, so people are not allowed to cut down indiscriminately.

the main reason is that the price of paper raw materials has risen a lot, so the price of any product with paper packaging will also rise.

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