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Why do packaging box customization manufacturers rarely accept small batch packaging box customization?

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as a salesman of the packaging factory, I would like to share my views

when the customer asks me how much to do? I replied: you can do as much as you want

but I have one condition: complete means of production


packaging and printing are highly competitive industries with thin profits. If the customer’s data are complete and the production requirements are clear, we can negotiate the price, and the factory will start work immediately after taking the data. In fact, although the money is small, the profit can be obtained, and the factory is willing to do it

several reasons why the factory is unwilling to accept small orders:

1. The business is too good and the production capacity is limited. Whose order makes money, who takes it first. The customer who grinds is directly screened out

2. Small order and strong purchasing temper. Some people may say: spend money to buy things, but also depends on people’s face? Very realistic

3. High communication cost. The two sides talked for a long time, and the profits were gone

4. Ox knife for killing chicken. The production resources, service resources and production cycle of small orders and large orders are similar. Different rate of return on time

when I first started business, a small customer often gave me a small order, about 1-3000. As long as he orders, he calls 3-5 times a day to ask about the progress and explain the details. Later, it was found that after a month, except that he didn’t make any money, his working hours were fragmented by him, and new customers didn’t have time to pick them up

for factories, small orders can’t afford to support factories at all; For salesmen, small orders can’t achieve performance. Making a small list depends on your mood

being polite is the best pass

No, I can make a small list here. I can make several boxes

because they are customized, they need to be designed, proofed and then produced. If the quantity is small, the price will be very high in each box. The proofing of boxes is not only very complicated, but also expensive. The cost of proofing is also included in the total price of the packaging box, so the proofing cost also has a great impact on the price of small batch packaging
there are also printing fees. There are startup fees for printing. The printing fees are the same no matter how much they are printed. Therefore, when small batch packaging boxes are customized, the printing fee is very expensive. Secondly, the cost of edition, knife and mold is the same. No matter how much they are done, the cost will remain the same, and the customization of small batch packaging boxes will account for a large proportion, which will have a great impact on its price. Finally, in terms of manual cost, if it is a large number, it will generally produce molds and wrap boxes with molding machines, so the cost is low. In small batch customization, it is not cost-effective to produce molds. You can only pack them manually, which will increase the cost a lot. It can be seen that the factors affecting the customization price of small batch packaging boxes are printing fee, printing fee, edition fee and manual fee, while the material fee has the least impact. This is also the reason why the customization of small batch packaging boxes is more expensive
therefore, it is suggested that the economic applicable quantity of customized packing boxes: 2000 ordinary gift boxes, 3000 folding boxes, 5000 color boxes and 1000 color boxes. The specific order quantity depends on the situation and can be negotiated by both parties. The setting of starting order quantity is to ensure the stable operation of production and low cost allocation. Theoretically, the quantity can be customized, but if the quantity is too small, the cost will be relatively high for customers and us. Therefore, small orders are generally accepted only when customers really need them or when the order is idle.

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