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Why are most of Tieguanyin tea vacuum packaged, while other tea leaves are not?

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because Tieguanyin is easy to deteriorate when exposed to air, the storage time of vacuum packaging will be several times longer than that before the shelf life! Another reason is that vacuum packaging is more beautiful! And a pack of Tieguanyin is only seven grams. In this way, it doesn’t need too many people to give it down! If it is black tea and green tea, it needs a lot of quantity to be packaged

preservation of Anxi Tieguanyin – for the preservation of Tieguanyin, low temperature and sealed vacuum are generally required, so that the color and flavor of Tieguanyin can be guaranteed in a short time. However, in the actual preservation, why do tea leaves that are not preserved for a long time but have less color and flavor than those that start to drink? The reasons are as follows:

1 The drying degree of tea after fermentation. At present, the tea production technology used is changing towards light fermentation, which is a typical representative of Gande tea. In light fermentation, tea is easy to reflect the high orchid fragrance, and the tea soup is also beautiful (showing the standard mung bean soup). However, if the dry tea reflects the aroma, generally, the tea will not be too dry, and the tea contains a certain amount of water, When such tea is preserved in the later stage, we must pay attention to the low temperature and sealing of tea, so as to reduce the role of water in tea. If the tea is relatively dry, it feels crisp and dry at first, so the tea has low requirements for low temperature

2. Control of the fermentation degree of tea. Experienced tea makers will fully consider the problems of market circulation and preservation in controlling the fermentation of tea, so they will control the fermentation degree to keep the freshness of tea. Generally speaking, we all know the curve of peak and trough. If the fermentation is controlled when the fermentation is close to the peak, the post fermentation of tea will be carried out through the passage of time, This kind of tea can be preserved for a long time. If the tea has begun to ferment to the peak, we should pay attention to inhibiting the formation conditions of post fermentation of tea in the process of preservation – that is, controlling the contact between temperature and air. If the fermentation of tea has come to the peak, it is difficult for tea to enter the best state

preservation of Tieguanyin, a family treasure
generally speaking, Tieguanyin tea we buy is basically packaged in 7g per bubble. This tea packaging method adopts vacuum compression packaging. If it is packaged in this way and packaged in an outer can, if you will finish it in the near future (within 20 days), you generally only need to store it in a cool place and keep it away from light, If you want to achieve the best effect and the longest time limit of preserving Tieguanyin tea, it is recommended to keep it fresh at minus 5 degrees in the quick-frozen box, so as to achieve the best effect

however, as a beverage, even if it has been dried and compressed, it does not mean that it can be preserved forever. If you want to drink the fresh taste of Tieguanyin tea, it is recommended that the Tieguanyin tea you buy home should be kept fresh at minus 5 degrees in the freezing box for no more than one year at most, and it is better to drink it within half a year!

it has something to do with the characteristics of Tieguanyin. Now Tieguanyin is made with new technology, which pays attention to freshness, fragrance, spirit and rhyme. Generally, Sancai cup is selected for brewing, while the standard Sancai cup has a tea volume of 7g. The benefits of vacuum packaging are to meet the needs of society, create Tieguanyin tea brand, isolate the air, maximize the freshness of Tieguanyin, meet the tea quantity of Tieguanyin, and facilitate collection.


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