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Which is the best and the best?

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Which is the best and the best?

“outstanding” reading Ji ǎ o. From people, jiaosheng, original meaning: beauty. “Outstanding person”, a beautiful and outstanding person. The idiom “outstanding among mediocre” comes from the biography of Liu Penzi in the later Han Dynasty, which refers to the outstanding among ordinary people

at the end of the Western Han Dynasty, after Wang Mang usurped the throne and became emperor, the people were unable to make a living. In addition, natural disasters continued, and farmers revolted one after another. In Shandong, fan Chong led an uprising in Ju county and dyed his eyebrows with vermilion, known as the “red eyebrow army”. In order to enhance the appeal, Liu Penzi was established as the emperor after the emperor’s office, named “Shang general” and took Xu Xuan as the prime minister. After Liu Xiu became emperor, he sent troops to attack the red eyebrow army. The red eyebrow army sent envoys for surrender. Liu Xiu promised not to kill them. Xu Xuan and other officials reported to Liu Xiu the process of negotiating the surrender, saying that it was only the deliberation of the monarchs and officials, but did not tell the people to avoid opposition, and said it was “returning to life and virtue”. Liu Xiu was very happy, praised them and said, “Qing’s so-called clank in the iron, so are the best servants.” “Servant” here is a homonym, which is interlinked with “Yong”. Therefore, this idiom was later written as “outstanding among mediocres”

“Jiao” reads Ji ā o. From female, jiaosheng, original meaning: slender and beautiful. “Xijing miscellany” Volume II: “Wenjun is beautiful, his eyebrows are as beautiful as looking at the distant mountains, his face is often like hibiscus, and his skin is as smooth as grease.” It’s about Zhuo Wenjun’s beauty

if you understand the meaning and origin of these two words, you won’t use them wrong.

the best is right

different usage:


the beautiful Ji ā o ji ā o zh ě 2. The most prominent and leading person. He is the best student in our class. (different from the best)
the best Ji ǎ o ji ǎ o zh ě
beautiful and outstanding people
the source is “Qing’s so-called clank in the iron, the best servant.” Later Han Dynasty biography of Liu Penzi by Fan Ye of the Southern Dynasty


the best

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