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What material can be used for red wine packaging?

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wine packaging boxes are mostly called red wine gift boxes or red wine gift boxes, that is, the packaging boxes of red wine, which are used to protect the convenient logistics, transportation and storage of red wine. At the same time, in a certain direction, they are conducive to the market sales of red wine. Red wine packaging boxes include wooden boxes, cartons, metal boxes and leather boxes

red wine wooden box: it generally includes wood wine box (multi-purpose materials include pine, Tung wood, etc.) and imitation mahogany wine box (multi-purpose materials include density board, etc.), with diversified styles, which are mostly used for medium and high-grade wine packaging

red wine carton: cardboard, corrugated board, special paper, etc. are mostly used. Because the raw material is paper, which is conducive to secondary recycling, shape can be diversified and other processing processes can be carried out conveniently, red wine carton is widely used in red wine packaging


metal wine box: the market is relatively small and is not widely used. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy, iron and other alloys

red wine leather box: most of them are made of PU, PVC and other artificial leather. Leather packaging is more suitable for the characteristics of wine. In terms of capacity, it can be divided into single pack, double pack, 6 pack and so on

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how to save red wine

the place where red wine should be stored should be cool. And the temperature and humidity should remain stable. Specifically, the best storage humidity is 50% To & nbsp; 80%, the best storage temperature is between 10 ℃ – 14 ℃. At the same time, avoid light and ultraviolet rays, place the red wine horizontally and keep the oak stopper moist

the traditional way of placing wine is to place the wine horizontally so that the wine contacts the cork to keep it moist. The wet cork has enough elasticity to firmly plug the mouth of the bottle. Therefore, do not put the bottle vertically. The cork does not have enough water to keep it moist. For wines that need to be stored for a long time, it is best not to put the bottle mouth down. Because the wine will produce precipitation after being put for a long time. If it is placed horizontally or the bottle mouth is slightly inclined upward, the precipitation will gather at the bottom of the bottle, while if the bottle mouth is inclined downward, the precipitation will gather at the bottle mouth and stay there for a long time. When pouring the wine, it will pour the precipitation into the wine cup together, affecting the taste of the wine. Oak barrel and wine for brandy, whisky and other wines, the role of oak barrel is very important if they want to age and mature

when wine is stored in oak barrel, air will enter the barrel through oak cells to make the wine absorb oxygen, and at the same time, the wine will exhaust steam through the oak barrel. At this time, the liquor will penetrate into the cell wall of the oak barrel, carefully take all kinds of quality and components in the wood and change the wine quality, so that the texture of the wine tends to be soft. The organic matter in the wine will also react with various components in the wood to make the wine mature. Therefore, the longer the wine age, the more expensive the price will be

I don’t know whether you are talking about the packaging outside the red wine bottle or the packaging of red wine
the packaging of red wine includes glass bottles, oak barrels, paper packaging (Tetra Pak), cans, etc.
the packaging outside the red wine bottle can use paper bags, wooden boxes, inflatable pads, etc

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