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What is the preservation principle of Tetra Pak packaging?

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Tetra Pak packaging material consists of cardboard layer, polyethylene and aluminum foil. For each form of packaging, the only material in contact with food is food grade polyethylene. Cardboard provides toughness for packaging, plastic prevents liquid leakage, and aluminum foil can block the entry of light and oxygen, so as to maintain the nutrition and taste of the product

Tetra Pak pioneered aseptic technology in the 1960s, which permanently changed the liquid food industry. Aseptic technology is listed as the most important food science innovation in the 20th century. Unlike canned and bottled foods, Tetra Pak aseptic processing enables liquid foods to better retain color, texture, natural flavor and nutritional value. Tetra Pak aseptic packaging can remain aseptic for up to one year without preservative or refrigeration.

milk is so delicate, why can it be stored at room temperature? It turns out that some packages of “ultra-high temperature sterilized milk” packed with Tetra Pak bricks and Tetra Pak pillows are milk processed by “UHT”, which is actually the English abbreviation of ultra-high temperature sterilization. Different from pasteurized milk, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk uses a high temperature of about 134 ℃ to instantly disinfect the raw milk for 4 seconds, kill all harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the milk, and then put it into the sterile packaging of Tetra Pak brick or Tetra Pak pillow under sterile conditions to meet the commercial sterility standard. Tetra Pak bag is a six layer composite package composed of paper, aluminum and plastic, which can effectively isolate milk from air, light and bacteria. Therefore, it can be stored at room temperature, and the shelf life is long. Tetra Pak pillow can reach 45 days and Tetra Pak brick can reach 6 to 9 months. Tetra Pak milk is also called “normal temperature milk”, but some people also call it “sterilized milk” or “UHT milk”
Tetra Pak milk is very convenient to consume because it can be stored at room temperature. Without the requirement of refrigeration, you can drink anytime, anywhere. However, it should be noted that Tetra Pak can be stored at room temperature when sealed, but if you can’t finish drinking after opening the package, you must put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration
from the perspective of nutrition, although this kind of milk is sterilized at ultra-high temperature, the disinfection time is very short, only about 4 seconds. Therefore, the main nutritional components, such as protein and calcium, are basically not damaged. Moreover, since the disinfection temperature exceeds 100 ℃, it can effectively kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria that may exist in the raw milk, so as to maximize the safety of the milk.

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