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What is the high-end material of red wine packaging gift box

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with people’s pursuit of personality and grade, the market of red wine has greatly improved. In order to adapt to different types of red wine, red wine packaging boxes also have different styles and materials, such as red wine leather boxes, red wine wooden boxes, red wine color boxes, etc. the following Xiaobian will analyze why red wine packaging uses color boxes

1. Red wine leather box: there are two kinds of red wine leather box: high imitation red wine leather box and leather red wine leather box. According to different materials, red wine leather box is divided into many types, which are mainly customized and developed according to customer requirements. Generally speaking, red wine leather box is more exquisite in materials, and the price is higher than that of red wine wooden box. It is a relatively high-grade red wine packaging box

the demand for cortex is also very large. Cortex is generally combined with wood. Wood is used inside and leather packaging is used outside, which is also called red wine leather box


2. Red wine wooden box: red wine wooden packing box is also a popular red wine packing box in the market, mainly including mahogany box, pine box, rosewood box, oak box, cherry box, etc

the most used materials in the red wine packaging box, among which pine is the most used, because pine is solid, firm and has a long storage time

3. Red wine color box: the color box adopts special sterile paper packaging materials, such as Tetra Pak bag and Tetra Pak diamond, which is convenient for consumption, easy to carry and low cost. In addition, due to the particularity of packaging materials, carton packaging can effectively prevent the oxidation of red wine. In addition, the color box packaging can achieve the gorgeous atmosphere of wooden box and leather box, and the packaging flexibility of color box is much higher than that of wooden box. If some shockproof inner pads are added inside, it is not afraid that the wine bottle is easy to be broken

at present, in the European red wine market, there is normally no packaging, while many red wine boxes in the domestic market are made by dealers themselves. What we buy is red wine, and the box can not change the taste. We should know that businesses will not lose money. We can’t deny our choice because of other people’s opinions. Go our own way and let others say it

color box packaging may not be as good as wooden box packaging and leather box packaging. Everyone’s values and ideas are different. People who buy Wooden box packaged red wine may not be interested in the firmness and high-grade of wooden box packaging, or they may buy Wooden box packaged red wine only because they are frustrated by people. But I believe most people are rational, and buying red wine is just to satisfy their appetite, not to pack 13

through the content of this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of the packaging of red wine. In fact, I think that whether the outer packing box of red wine is a wooden box or a color box, they can not replace the red wine itself, but can only set off its temperament to a certain extent

wine packaging boxes are mostly called red wine gift boxes or red wine gift boxes, that is, the packaging boxes of red wine, which are used to protect the convenient logistics, transportation and storage of red wine. At the same time, in a certain direction, they are conducive to the market sales of red wine. Red wine packaging boxes include wooden boxes, cartons, metal boxes and leather boxes

red wine wooden box: it generally includes wood wine box (multi-purpose materials include pine, Tung wood, etc.) and imitation mahogany wine box (multi-purpose materials include density board, etc.), with diversified styles, which are mostly used for medium and high-grade wine packaging

red wine carton: cardboard, corrugated board, special paper, etc. are mostly used. Because the raw material is paper, which is conducive to secondary recycling, shape can be diversified and other processing processes can be carried out conveniently, red wine carton is widely used in red wine packaging

metal wine box: the market is relatively small and is not widely used. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy, iron and other alloys

red wine leather box: most of them are made of PU, PVC and other artificial leather. Leather packaging is more suitable for the characteristics of wine. In terms of capacity, it can be divided into single pack, double pack, 6 pack and so on. High grade red wine packaging

wooden boxes and cartons can be high-grade. But it’s mainly how you design it and what kind of box you want!

customize the crocodile suitcase directly at Lv. It’s absolutely high-end. There’s nothing to say.

imitation mahogany wine box (red wine packing box):

material: high density board. Conventional styles include single, double and six imitation mahogany wine boxes

leather wine box (red wine packing box):

material: Pu, PVC, etc. high grade packing boxes are made of leather. In terms of style, it is divided into single red wine leather box, double red wine leather box, three red wine leather boxes, four red wine leather boxes, six red wine leather boxes, etc

paper packaging box (red wine):

material: cardboard, cardboard, corrugated paper, etc. creative packaging box design generally uses carton packaging, which is conducive to production

solid wood box:

mainly mahogany box, rosewood box, oak box, cherry box, walnut box, beech box, pine box, Tung box, etc

MDF wooden box:

mainly include spray painted wooden box, sticker wooden box, leather wooden box, cloth wooden box, PVC wooden box, etc
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