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What are the types of electronic packaging scales? How to distinguish the quality of different electronic packaging scales?

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1. Classify according to the production process requirements

(1) net weight quantitative packaging scale. When this kind of scale works, the materials are weighed in the weighing bucket and then loaded into the packaging bag, which improves the measurement speed and accuracy


(2) gross weight quantitative packaging scale. When this kind of scale works, the packaging bag is used as the weighing carrier, and the materials directly enter the packaging bag for weighing. The structure of the equipment is simple and the total height is reduced

(3) mobile quantitative packaging scale. This kind of scale arranges the scale body, conveyor, sewing machine, air compressor, dust collector, dryer and other equipment on the mobile trolley, and the workplace can be changed at any time

(4) fixed quantitative packaging scale. This kind of equipment is used under the fixed seam conveyor and fixed value conveyor for dust removal& nbsp;& nbsp;

2. Classification by the number of weighing buckets & nbsp

(1) double scale bucket type. Double scale bucket packaging scale can meet the requirements of packaging speed. This type of packaging scale often adopts gravity feeding mode. In addition, two scale buckets are weighed alternately, which greatly shortens the packaging time

(2) single scale bucket type. This is the most common form. The single scale bucket type is widely used in packaging scales. Some scales are made of stainless steel

(3) no scale bucket type. Materials with high adhesion are easy to adhere to the bucket of the packaging scale, which affects the accuracy of packaging. If they are not cleaned in time, they will become moldy and deteriorate, resulting in unqualified products. This situation can be avoided by using the method that the sensor is directly connected with the bag clamping mechanism to weigh the bag and materials together. Because of the lack of the height of the scale bucket, the installation height of this scale is reduced

3. Classify according to the size of packaging

(1) constant packaging scale. The packaging scale with the weighing range of 20 ~ 50kg is called constant packaging scale. The packaging bags of 20 ~ 50kg are moderate in size, easy to stack and convenient for transportation, so this kind of packaging scale is used most

(2) medium weight packing scale. A packing scale with a weighing range of 5 ~ 20kg is called a medium weight packing scale

(3) small packaging scale. A packaging scale with a weighing range of 1 ~ 5kg is called a small packaging scale

electronic packaging scale can be divided into gravity gate type, spiral type and belt type according to the type of materials. The functional parameters to measure the quality of an electronic packaging scale include stability, linear accuracy, repeatability accuracy, sensitivity and service life. Zhongyu technology has done a good job. You can take a look at Baidu.

it depends on how you classify them. If they are classified according to packaging materials, they include powder, small particles, large particles and fluffy materials

microcomputer combined scale and quantitative packaging scale. Microcomputer combined scale is used for small particles, while quantitative packaging scale is mostly used for weighing large packages.

common classification standards and methods are as follows:

1, net weight quantitative packaging scale and gross weight quantitative packaging scale classification:

2, bucket type quantitative packaging scale and bucket free quantitative packaging scale classification:

3 Classification according to feeding methods:

screw feeding quantitative packaging scale

weight gravity feeding quantitative packaging scale

belt feeding quantitative packaging scale

vibration feeding quantitative packaging scale

4. According to material properties:

granular type

powder type

other material types

5 According to the packaging weight, it is divided into:

small packaging quantitative packaging scale (0-5kg)

large packaging quantitative packaging scale (5-100)

ton bag quantitative packaging scale (1000kg)

6. According to the number of measuring units of a quantitative packaging scale:

single scale

double scale

7. According to the use scenario:



8 Classification according to action actuator:



9. Classification according to different packaging bags:

open pocket

valve pocket

10. According to the degree of automation:


fully automatic

What are the types of quantitative packaging scales – basic knowledge of quantitative packaging scales (3). Check the original

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