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What are the common sealing forms of container sealing?

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What are the common sealing forms of container sealing?

1. Crimping seal
the seal formed by crimping and hooking the periphery of the can cover and the flange of the can body is called crimping seal. Cylindrical metal cans, which are widely used in food cans and beverage packaging, use this form of sealing. In order to prevent air leakage in the joint part of the seal, glue solution (prepared by rubber or tree cool material) is generally coated on the concave edge of the cover, which is clamped in the rolling seam after crimping to enhance air tightness
2. Gland seal
the seal formed by the engagement of the ripple around the crown shaped round cap and the bottle mouth flange is called gland seal. An elastic sealing gasket made of rubber or cork is lined between the bottle cap and the end face of the bottle mouth for sealing. The gland seal is reliable and easy to unseal. It is a common sealing form when beer, soda and alcohol are packed in glass bottles
3. Cork sealing
the cork pressed into the bottle mouth forms a tight sealing method of the bottle mouth by its own elastic deformation, which is called cork sealing. Corks are often made of cork, rubber, plastic and other elastic materials, with different structures and shapes
the bottle stopper can be sealed directly or combined with the bottle cap. In order to improve the product sealing and prolong the storage life. Direct sealing is often used to seal bottled soy sauce, vinegar and other liquid foods, and combined sealing is often used to seal bottled high-grade wine, drugs and toxic products
4. Rolling seal
the sealing method of rolling out threads with the same shape as the thread of the bottle mouth through the aluminum cap sleeved on the bottle mouth is called rolling seal. When unsealing, the aluminum cover will be disconnected along the preformed indentation around the skirt, so the sealed cover is called twist off cover. Because this seal is easy to identify whether it is unsealed or not, it is named “anti-theft cover” abroad
there are two forms in the design of this kind of twisted cap for sealing: one is to imprint a certain depth mark only on the circumferential direction of the skirt. After sealing, as long as a certain rotating torque is applied in the direction opposite to the thread, the bottle cap will be twisted along the peripheral indentation, but the blank holder ring is still sleeved on the bottleneck, which makes it inconvenient to recycle the bottle; Another newly designed aluminum cover has indentation in the circumferential and axial directions of the skirt. After unsealing, the blank holder ring will automatically disconnect along the circumferential and axial indentation, which is convenient for the recycling of old bottles
roll sealing not only has the advantages of tight and reliable sealing, convenient unsealing and beautiful packaging appearance, but also is especially suitable for the sealing of high-grade wine glass bottles such as wine and brandy, as well as plastic beverage bottles such as PepsiCo, because it can identify whether the products in the bottle have been used.

the sealing machine is a machine that seals the containers filled with packaging materials. After the products are loaded into the packaging containers, in order to seal and preserve the products, maintain the product quality and avoid the loss of products, it is necessary to seal the packaging containers. This operation is completed on the sealing machine. According to the application of materials, the sealing machine can be divided into the following common types: plastic bag sealing machine, milk tea sealing machine, vacuum sealing machine, plastic cup sealing machine, jelly filling and sealing machine, fruit juice beverage filling and sealing machine, instant noodles sealing machine, Babao porridge filling and sealing machine, coffee filling and sealing machine, sand ice cream filling and sealing machine, duck blood filling and sealing machine, nitrogen sealing machine, small dish vacuum sealing machine, chili sauce sealing machine, Ketchup sealing machine, fast food box sealing machine, wide mouth bottle sealing machine, mineral water beverage filling capping machine, yogurt bottle filling machine, etc.

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