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What are the basic requirements of tableware cleaning

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basic requirements for tableware cleaning and disinfection:

1 Tableware, utensils and cooked food containers should be cleaned and disinfected immediately after meals. They should be used once and cleaned and disinfected once

2. The full-time personnel responsible for tableware disinfection shall be healthy and work carefully

3. Tableware cleaning and disinfection must be carried out in strict accordance with the specified procedures. Thermal disinfection procedures: one scraping, two washing, three flushing, four disinfection and five cleaning; Drug disinfection procedures: one scraping, two washing, three disinfection, four flushing and five cleaning


4. Tableware disinfection shall meet the following requirements:

thermal disinfection: Boil steam at 100 ℃ for 30 minutes

far infrared 120 ℃, 15 ~ 20 minutes

drug disinfection: the effective chlorine concentration is 250PPM and the disinfection time is 5 minutes

5. The sterilized tableware and tea sets shall be put in clean cupboards and cabinets immediately to prevent re pollution

6. Food containers and utensils used in the kitchen must be washed in the designated container washing tank, and then placed in the designated sterilizer for disinfection. Containers and utensils that have not been cleaned and disinfected shall not be used

first, there is a special washing pool. The tableware containing raw, cooked, meat and vegetarian food should be strictly separated and placed neatly. The vegetable pier and knife utensils for processing raw and cooked food should be clearly marked; Disinfect frequently, keep the utensils clean and tidy, keep them clean and sanitary, and assign special personnel to take charge of them. The use of detergents and disinfectants should be completely harmless to the human body

II. Tableware and utensils such as operation console, goods rack, vending table, all kinds of porridge truck, soup bucket, rice washing bucket and dishwashing basin shall be kept clean and free of dust and oil stain; The vegetable washing basin, basin and basket shall be free of sediment, dirt and peculiar smell

III. pots, plates and other tableware used to contain food and production and processing tools shall be separated from raw and cooked. All containers shall be kept clean and clean and shall not be placed directly on the ground

IV. public tableware and utensils must be disinfected every meal for no less than 30 minutes each time, and selling tools must be used to sell food; The disinfection of tableware is preferably boiling disinfection at 100 ℃ for 10 minutes and steam disinfection at 100 ℃ for 15 minutes. It can also be soaked in effective chlorine disinfectant solution for 30 minutes, and then washed with purified water

v. tableware and containers containing directly imported food must be cleaned and kept dry, and food packaging materials must meet food hygiene requirements. The cleaning and disinfection of tableware shall be carried out in strict accordance with the procedures of one scraping, two washing, three flushing, four disinfection and five storage

one scraping: scrape the food residue remaining in the tableware into the waste bucket

second washing: clean the scraped tableware with detergent

three flushing: flush the cleaned tableware with flowing water to remove the alkali or detergent solution remaining on the tableware surface

four disinfection: use effective disinfection methods to kill microorganisms or viruses on tableware,

Five Guarantees: put the sterilized tableware into the tableware cabinet in time for storage

the cleaning cabinet should be cleaned and wiped regularly to keep it clean

VI. kitchen utensils (cutting boards, etc.) and tableware shall be washed, brushed, flushed and disinfected for each meal, and stored in the cleaning cabinet or covered cleaning cabinet after cleaning

VII. Strictly follow the functions of each room and the food processing process: raw in and cooked out, and the cooked food enters the meal preparation room from the delivery window

VIII. The fixed number of disinfection lights in each dining room shall be switched on and off at a fixed time, and the doors and windows of the dining room shall be closed at will to prevent mosquitoes and flies from biting and falling into the food

IX. strictly implement the “May 4th” system: (four no system, four isolation system, four clearance system, four fixed system and four attendance system).

it’s best to disinfect. There are small or large disinfection cabinets sold in some home appliance areas of shopping malls. Generally speaking, they are very cheap. If there is no disinfection cabinet, cook in an electric rice cooker and boil in boiling water for ten minutes

clean, sanitary and disinfected

must be sterilized

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