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This is an article about packaging machinery. Who can help translate it

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Logix controller can generate any number of virtual axes to use as a reference to synchronize real-time axes

vertical form, filling and stamping (VFFS) machines are used in the consumer products industry for a wide variety of packaging applications, including from high-speed candy packaging to low-speed coffee packaging. Machines need raw materials, usually dry goods, such as grains or snacks, and local products to form mail bags
the machine starts with a roll and then forms a tube. Some machines use servo shaft roll films to maintain tension. In this process, such a specific amount of film material can be used in this process with minimal waste. The feed servo shaft will feed the operator with the required recipe based on the correct length of the film tube formed in the feed. If the film is pre printed, the registration sensor is added to the system to keep the correct film position to maintain the correct relative position printed to the end of last year. As the feed servo shaft is pulled down, the film and commodity packaging are gravity fed into the tube, which is often made up of a precise scale to ensure that the appropriate amount of commodities is placed in the mail bag in a consistent way. Many high-speed applications use multiple servo shaft to feed systems just to ensure that the material is fed on both sides of the same tube. The coiled servo shaft seals the tube at the bottom; Steel pipe filling and indexing. The crimp servo shaft, then the seal and the cut tube, and the product are placed between the crimps to form a pouch

with the embedded motion is the control selection for VFFS. A typical configuration will include the use of 1756-m08se SERCOS motion modules linked with fiber optic cables to multiple ultra3000 SERCOS servo drivers, one (or two, depending on the design) pair of feed servo shafts and a pair of crimp servo shafts. The MP – series low inertia vehicle has been selected as the axis because of its high acceleration and reducer mechanics, as well as its compact size. Machine operators can use the platform connected to PanelView to use Ethernet to change recipes, information and monitor the characteristics of the actual machine. Rslogix 5000 programming software provides flexibility in installing the control hardware, as well as programming and diagnosis
by using rslogix 5000, the definition of all motor and driver parameters is part of the motion, the configuration and requirements of the shaft, and there is no secondary software package or driver installation program. The controller automatically configures the drive to power up beyond the SERCOS interface. This allows the drive to power, follow-up right out of the box, rarely configured by the user. Programming is simplified, as well as with the use of virtual axes to provide overall coordination for physical feed servo and curl servo, as well as fast output.

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