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There are several common types of moon cake packaging box customization

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generally, there are three types of customization of moon cake packaging box: carton, iron box and wooden box . Why do many moon cakes begin to use carton packaging now? That’s because paper materials can not only print exquisite patterns and words in various colors, but also have the function of environmental protection and recycling

from the design, material selection, printing and production of a moon cake packaging box, it is not easy to achieve the expected packaging effect. During this period, the mutual cooperation of packaging designers, professional technicians, printers and producers is required. Not only the characteristics of paper, but also the adaptability between process and paper, but also the difference between printing and design color should be considered

among the customized packaging materials of moon cake packaging box, carton is a kind of packaging material with low cost and easy to be selected. Good printability, exquisite surface treatment technology and recyclable environmental protection characteristics are the advantages of cartons


the production of moon cake cartons is a great test of the technology of packaging box customization manufacturers, and the more high-quality moon cake boxes, the higher the labor cost. Many moon cake gift boxes with unique shapes are made by hand. Although the production process is complex, it can bring more wonderful moon cake packaging

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