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Reasons for vacuum pump not pumping vacuum

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reason: some vacuum pumps cannot work under atmospheric pressure and need pre vacuum; The outlet pressure of some vacuum pumps is lower than atmospheric pressure, and the front stage pump is required, so the pumps need to be combined for use

solution: check whether the air inlet and exhaust port are connected incorrectly. If the three-phase pump is used, check whether the motor is reversed. If the vacuum pump motor is still good. And if it is a pump with different working modes, the reasons why it can’t work normally are different and can’t be generalized

since the vacuum pump has selective pumping, the selection of one pump can not meet the pumping requirements. Several pumps need to be combined and supplemented to meet the pumping requirements. For example, the titanium sublimation pump has a high pumping speed for hydrogen, but can not pump helium, while the triode sputtering ion pump has a certain pumping speed for argon. The combination of the two will make the vacuum device obtain a better vacuum degree


extended data:

the rotor is installed in the pump shell with a certain eccentricity and close to the fixed surface of the inner surface of the pump shell. Two rotating blades are installed in the rotor groove. When the rotor rotates, the rotating blades can slide back and forth along its radial groove and always contact with the inner wall of the pump shell. This rotating blade rotates with the rotor and can divide the pump cavity into several variable volumes

a slide valve is installed outside the eccentric rotor. The rotation of the rotor drives the slide valve to slide and roll along the inner wall of the pump housing. The slide valve rod on the upper part of the slide valve can slide in the swingable slide valve guide rail, and the pump chamber is divided into two variable volumes

an eccentric rotor close to the inner surface of the pump is installed in the pump shell, and a radial sliding plate always in contact with the rotor surface is installed on the pump shell. When the rotor rotates, the sliding plate can slide up and down to divide the pump cavity into two variable volumes

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – vacuum pump

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 Hello, I'm teacher but. I've provided consulting services to nearly 3000 people, with a cumulative service duration of more than 5000 hours! I've seen your question. Now I'm sorting out the answers. It will take about three minutes. Please wait a moment
 vacuum packaging machine does not vacuum 


 Hello, I'm glad to answer your question 

 the solution to not vacuumizing the vacuum pumping machine is to clean or replace the exhaust filter and install it correctly, check the solenoid valve for air leakage where there is air leakage and eliminate it, the exhaust filter is blocked or polluted, and clean or replace the exhaust filter 

 hope to help you [happy] 


 whether there is no vacuum after cleaning 


 have you tried several steps besides cleaning


 have you tried or there is no vacuum 


 1 Whether the power line of the vacuum pump is connected reversely or lacks phase, and the motor turns incorrectly, so it should be overhauled

2. The pipeline between the container and the vacuum pump is blocked or leaked, and whether the filter element of the air filter is blocked. If it is used for a long time, it is necessary to clean up the garbage

3. The broken blades of vacuum pump will not produce vacuum, so the blades need to be replaced

4. Check the vacuum pump oil. The vacuum pump oil should be injected in an appropriate amount and replaced after a long time of use. Other oils are strictly prohibited

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 none of the above is 

 [cover face] [cover face] [cover face] 


 you are checking whether the airbag is damaged 


 Where is the airbag 

 Where is the airbag? 


 the airbag is installed between the upper and lower pressing plates that can move back and forth in the vacuum chamber of the vacuum packaging machine 

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