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How about vacuum packed tea

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because most tea leaves are easy to deteriorate when exposed to air, the storage time of vacuum packaging will be several times longer than before the shelf life! Of course, fresh tea is good for a long time.

tea packaging should not only ensure the quality of tea, but also beautify and publicize tea. It has become an important way to increase the added value and advertising effect of tea through exquisite tea packaging. Vacuum bag packaging tea can directly print product information on the outer packaging bag, publicize tea and beautify tea. Vacuum packaging tea can well ensure the quality of tea

using vacuum bags to pack tea leaves and then vacuum them can prevent the tea leaves from becoming moldy and being oxidized by air. On the other hand, tea can not be stored at too high temperature. Vacuuming can also prevent high temperature. There are also benefits such as shading, gas blocking and moisture-proof. Therefore, in order to store tea well, vacuum bag should be used for vacuum storage. This can better ensure the quality of tea.

vacuum packaging is only a packaging method, which is not necessarily directly related to the quality of tea. The investment of small vacuum packaging machine is not large, and family workshops can also be equipped. Therefore, you still need to conduct a comprehensive analysis through the color, aroma, manufacturer, product brand and origin of tea.

What do you say? See what you think! If it’s really good tea, it doesn’t need vacuum! The so-called vacuum is just pumping out the air!


not necessarily. Any tea can be vacuum packed, because it can sell well in terms of appearance!! You can go to the tea website to learn about some things related to tea knowledge!

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